Friday, November 11, 2005

Chef Jeff's Hat

Chef Jeff is a Kiwi, the excellent chef during 2004/2005 at Scott Base, McMurdo's only neighbor station a couple of miles away. Chef Jeff has a big head and requested a very warm hat made of orange and brown with coverage for the back of his neck and ears. I cut and sewed in a double layer of fleece for added warmth, then embroidered his name with rayon thread for a fun finishing touch. This hat was made with Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride fave. I didn't write down the pattern as I knit it (I hate it when that happens) but it's easy enough to recreate. Simply make the usual hat with rolled edge, pick up stitches at the ears, knit and shape, then finish with pick up and knit i-cord all around. Somewhere I have a photo of Jeff sporting his new lid but I can't find it so for now check out the big brain on Jeff (in black shirt, middle)!

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