Friday, July 07, 2006

Blankets West

A second blanket strip is completed by this obsessed knitter...began 3rd. And rumor has it my niece, Erin, just started a Harry Potter blanket in which she plans to incorporate all the colors of Hogwart houses.....very kewl. I love it when others, especially the youth, get knitting. Go Erin, up there in beautiful Pacific Northwest. You rock. Are you knitting your blanket in strips too?

Ribit, ribit....the second alpaca sock got started on the wrong size needles. Drat. Attention span short today....worked on a different set of socks at the dentist this almost to turning the heel on sock one, using Wildfoote, bluegrass....very pretty colors. I even worked a bit on the white cotton baby blankey this eve. It's blanket time in the west.

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