Saturday, July 15, 2006

More socks and stuff

Another pair of socks is complete. Lorna's Laces, Sheperd Sock was used for the denim portion and I started and finished with some Opal. I used my fave recipe which can be found in Pricilla Gibson-Roberts' book, Simple Socks.

My daughter and I did the bead thing yesterday afternoon and made a few bracelets for her to take back to FL.

At the sewing machine this week, I came up with a little travel knit bag that snaps on my wrist and is made of nylon. I made 2 to take with me to the Ice next month. They work great and were quite economical to make. I made hubby a stuff sack with left over fabric.

I made a liner from quilted fabric for Leslie's felted laptop case. The "handles" were cut in and it's all ready to go. It will protect her 'puter nicely.

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