Saturday, June 23, 2007

Of Antarctic Midminter Greetings and Polar Plunging

The midwinter greetings have come in from around the continent of Antarctica in the past week. Tom has posted them on Highway One in B155 and also on his blog.

I am knitting the second sock of my "polar plunge" socks (as I refer to them). Yes. I am proud to say I jumped into a square hole cut out of the Ice in the Ross Sea. ...On the 12th of May! And I did it with my knitting in my fist. However, it was dark and cold under the water...what a surprise, huh?!....and while I wanted to hang out, get a couple of photos, and enjoy the moment, my body did it's own thing and propelled me up from the black depths to the starry night where I moved faster than EVER up the icy ladder into a wool blanket held open by Dr. Keri Gardner. Thanks Doc. I stood shocked into frozen inmobility, watching Sandwich jump in next. I was so excited for her I had to stay and see her. It wasn't until I made my way back up the hill to the tiny "warm-up" hut crowded with a dozen other shivering popsicle bodies frantically trying to dress themselves...that I remembered I had my knitting in my hand. Carrie took a photo. That Carrie jumped into the water a second time was the icing (heh, heh) on the cake! Wahooo! Winterover 2007 ROCKS!

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