Monday, July 06, 2009

We speak the language "Woolish"

Although she didn't speak English and I didn't speak Quechua, only a tiny bit of Spanish, we communicated in "Woolish" and I learned to spin wool the Peruvian highland's way. She showed me how she does it while I waited for my husband and our friend, Liz to check out a nearby waterfall. She made it look so easy. I was intrigued by this woman's skills, her layers and layers of colorful skirts and her adorable lamb as well as her spinning method. When she saw I was excited about wool, she hopped up and scrambled to a nearby tree under which she had a blanket. She returned with a bag of her spun wool. Of course I bought 5 balls of yarn since it was 100% Peruvian wool (sheep), spun by her, and a great price. What else could I do? Peru was magical to me for the beauty of the Andes, the mystical Inca ruins, and especially for the people, like this woman.

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