Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First day of Hamann's new life on/off the Ice

Yesterday marked the first day of a five month chunk of time in which my husband, Tom, will be 9,000 miles away at the bottom of the planet while I actually live in my own house in a great little Western Slope town in Colorado with a cat (my daughter's) and a car we own (not borrowed) and no packed bags...well, just one packed bag in case I am called to work. But that probably won't happen. I have clothes in drawers. I sleep in the same bed every night. I cook in my own kitchen. I grocery shop at Safeway. All the things about daily life that most people take for granted are mine to enjoy. I hear birds singing in the morning. I see a beautiful sunset every single day. I take walks on smooth ground without taking a parka with me. So much do I love this life even though I miss my husband terribly, that I took photos to document my first mundane morning, taking back library books, and other errands, etc. (Warning: snore fest of photos to be posted often.) The best day of this new life will be when Tom comes home to enjoy it with me. I can't wait. To see how the other half is spending his days away from home, click on the title of this post (see above).

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