Thursday, November 12, 2009

Autumn leaves

There's a chance of the wet stuff coming our way so I wanted to get as many leaves off the Hamann desert as possible. I also wanted to trim vines that grow on the south side of the house. I asked to borrow the neighbor's hedge trimmer last night and when he heard me blowing leaves this morning he came over and trimmed the vines for me! What a nice guy. But the neighbor on the north side was tired of the noise as I was blowing leaves on his side of the house and finally put an end to me and my yard work. I was trying to return the favor for Gina as it's because of her I have the blower and she blew my leaves last night but Mr. was done with my noise so that was the end of that.

Look at that sky.
href="">Jim and his hedge trimmer helping with the vines. What a great neighbor!

No leaves at the fence. Yay!

Minutes later the wind kicked up and new leaves moved in.

Here are some Grand Junction photos for Tom on the Ice...

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the delightful said...

what i wouldn't give for a nice pile of crunchy fall leaves to drag my feet through, and here you are blowing them all away! *sigh*