Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lorna's Laces Shawl

Over the 1st weekend of 2010, I worked on several knitting and crochet projects but the most fun is the shawl...a wool/silk blend from Lorna's Laces. I chained 9 sts with a crochet hook, pulled the first loop to close and put them on dpns, evenly distributed, and knit one round. The rest of the shawl is basic math...just keep doubling the stitches when you double the rounds. On the second round I knit one, yarn over, to double stitches. And then, I knit 2 rounds, repeated the K1,YO, on the next round and knit 4 rounds, repeat k1, yo for a round, and then knit 8 rounds, repeat, then 16 rounds, repeat, then 32 rounds, repeat, then 64 rounds....I'm in the middle of the 64 rounds currently. In between the K1, YO rounds I am making other lace (yarn over) designs but I make sure to yarn over, K2 together so I don't add stitches on those rounds.

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