Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Set Finito

I did it! I followed the pattern to the letter. The only thing I added was ribbon weaved in at the button band, but I followed the pattern. Exactly! I CAN do it, whadoyaknow! Crossing THAT off the list. I will put an edge on a couple of flannel receiving blankets to use as wrapping "paper" for this gift and put it in the mail to New Zealand. I purchased the fabric yesterday and it's just out of the dryer. I like to wash fabric, especially cotton flannel, so it does its shrinking before the sewing. Hopefully this gift will arrive before the baby.


shooskua said...

Wow Lynn! That is such a wonderful baby set! So complete and so cute. She will love it. Is that pointy thing with the green thing on top a hat? Great job. There is a heck of a lot of work in all that.

the delightful said...

lynn this turned out beautifully! remind me of the title or author of the book with all the flower patterns? I seem to have misplaced the scrap on which i scrawled it!