Friday, May 28, 2010

Warm Up America in Antarctica

Here's the first Warm Up America blanket knitted and crocheted at McMurdo Station and Scott Base during "Winterover" 2005.

My husband sent me a link to Antarctic conservation blog, part of the National History Museum in the UK. It made me feel nostalgic. Oh how I miss the fellowship of knitting together in the dark winter months (May-August) in Antarctica.

The Warm Up America blanket is a group knitting project that happens every year in Antarctica, as well as all over the USA. At the bottom of the world, the blanket has morphed into "THE CHARITY BLANKET" and is now donated in other countries too. What could be better than spreading the love around the world? Also, more people learn to knit/crochet or knit/crochet better every time they make a square! The blankets have been donated to a womens shelter, childrens homes, hospices, and a homeless shelter. So far.

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