Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Santa Fe Unfinished or Driving Carmen Crazy

Currently halfway through my time of residing in Santa Fe (6 more weeks), I am feeling the clock ticking on several unfinished projects. I have a goal. I have a plan. I have time....she says confidently. gulp. My husband and I are "winter-overs".....contract workers who work and live at McMurdo Station, Antarctica during the austral winter with about 200 other folks. Right now, we are off the "Ice" and enjoying being away. I have plenty of knitting time and am thrilled to be in Santa artist's place. I'm feeling inspired. Here's some of the things I'm working on. Too many projects in the works, ya think, Carmen? (My "Ice friend" Carmen freaks when I start a new project before finishing the one I'm working on). It's so fun to mess with her. There's some green baby alpaca yarn calling to me from the bag in the corner.......hhhhhmmmmm.

The Shackleton sweater....I can't find the skein I packed to finish the last 4 inches of the right sleeve. Did I leave it in New Zealand?? ACK!!

The Cook Islands sweater...started on Rarotonga, body almost completed, ripped out, started over, it's well on it's way but I'm still making it up as I go.

The Lorna's Laces shawl...starts from the middle and grows out in a square...hopefully.

There's ALWAYS a sock in process...

On this afghan, each color block = 1 skein of Lion Brand Homespun.

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