Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Square Love

In the cold, dark austral winter of 2005, over thirty McMurdo Station volunteers knitted or crocheted 7" X 9" squares from colorful yarns hoping to stitch enough squares to build an afghan for someone in need. For two months the station knitted or crocheted during morning/afternoon or lunch breaks and in the evenings during their 60 hour work week. They hung their finished squares outside the Housing office on "Highway One", the main hall in Bldg 155. By August 1st there were 59 colorful rectangles, more than enough to make a blanket! It all started when Zoe Vida read a magazine article about WarmUpAmerica and shared it. Now I'm putting the squares together after Zoe arranged them in the most pleasing array and I shot a photo (so I'd know which square goes next to which). We carefully tied them in an ordered bundle and I shipped them back to the USA from Antarctica, then got out my digital photo and went to work stitching. Once finished, the afghan will go to a charitible organization (yet undecided). You can send your own 7" X 9" squares to the address at or put 49 of them together yourself and give the finished blanket to the charity of your choice. Giving really IS better than receiving. Let's get out those crochet hooks and knitting needles and get stitchin' again!

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