Thursday, June 22, 2006

Baby Bog Jacket and Booties

This is my most recent creation for my friend Belinda, an "Ice" friend. She's'll be a boy, arriving in September. We got to visit her in her cool new flat in her hometown of Indiana. She's just over an hour away from my hubby's parents' farm where we were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary so we made the trek since we were so close. She's glowing and beautiful as always and very excited.

I made this little bit of fun just the way knitting guru, Elizabeth Zimmermann would, by casting on 100 stitches and knitting a square with waste yarn knitted in strategic locations so the sleeves could be weaved together later. Then surround with I-cord and viola! If you want to do some shaping for diapered bums and little shoulders, try it. There's no mistakes in knitting. As for the booties, I knit miniature socks a-la Priscilla Gibson-Roberts style, sock knitting guru extraordinaire.

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