Thursday, June 22, 2006

Shackleton sweaters

The blue cable now has 2 sleeves and a few more inches from the last time I posted a photo of it on this blog way back in October. I still have no further progress on the Shackleton sweater until I get to New Zealand and get that last skein out of my stash down there so I can finish the last 4 inches of one sleeve and block it......but look what Brenitta made for Jon. (Both are at McMurdo now, more than halfway through their winter there). It's a wonderful Shackleton sweater, a major accomplishment for a winterover with mushy brain cells from the 24 hour darkness! Did you knit from the top down or bottom up? Do tell us the details of this beauty, Brenitta....what kind of yarn, etc. Jon looks very happy. Congrats! Impressive work. Hope you are seeing lots of auroras and enjoying your time on the Ice. Say hi to Jon for Tom and me.

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