Thursday, June 22, 2006

Finito blanket-o, etc

The blanket is crocheted....every so often it happens....thanks to Brenitta, an Ice friend who inspired me to finish work on an ancient pile of granny squares. I guess she saw I wasn't going to pay attention to the stack any time soon, bless her heart, so once she nudged me into finishing the squares, she showed me how to stitch them together. After awhile, seeing me ignore the squares again was too much for her and she put them together for me. Thus I had another finished project. I love my Ice friends! But I digress. This blanket is simply made from Lion Brand real soft yarn that washes up great in the washer on WARM cycle and tossed in the dryer with a dryer sheet makes for a cuddly blankey. I sewed blanket ribbon on for kicks.

There's always a pair of socks going and these are usually for hubby, Tom. He's requested two more pair before he goes to work in Antarctica for the summer season in October. I'm working on one pair now. I used Lorna's Laces shepherd sock wool. For the flips flops, I used a handspun wool from Peru that I picked up in Flagstaff, AZ last November.

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