Friday, June 30, 2006

Startitis Strikes Again

It happened again...she confesses sheepishly. (NPI) I started another blanket for my expectant friend. I know....I know. But it will go fast. Really. This couldn't be helped. It was beyond my control. There was an excellent, amazing, egregiously awesome sale on some really soft yarn, perfect for a little boy's crib blanket. I just completed one strip and have 5 more to go. This is the only way to knit in the heat of a Grand Junction summer of 6 inch strips and then I'll sew them together. Normally I avoid sewing at all costs when knitting, but this is my first summer in five years and while I love, love, love the sunshine everyday, I am sure my blood is as thick as chocolate chip cookie dough from the continuous cold of previous seasons on the Ice. Therefore, the strips are cooler than the whole thing laying across my lap. I have new socks going too.....along with a cotton baby blanket (different from the strip one), 1 sweater for me, 1 vest for Tom, and a pair of alpaca yarn socks. That makes 3 pair of socks altogether. Yikes. Gotta go knit....

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