Sunday, July 23, 2006

Progress report

The first sock is complete. I stopped knitting last night after I blogged and picked it up again this morning. I did stuff around the house and then I started knitting while watching the Sunday Morning show on CBS. I surprise myself sometimes with how quickly I CAN finish a project. This is the 4th pair of socks this month that will be finished. As soon as I knit the other of this pair. Don't get ahead of yourself, Lynnsie and, by the way, look in that basket of UNFINISHED sweaters over there in the corner. See that blue one you started a really, really long time a couple of years ago? Just keepin' it RRREAL. And remember, you're not working 60 hours a week, or writing knitting books and don't have demanding children living at home. Socks are easy. Your life is easy. Nowadays.

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