Sunday, August 05, 2007

August is for W

W is for Winfly, as in Winter Fly-in and also for Winter-over, as in a person who stays in Antarctica for the Austral Winter season.
W is also for Warm, as in Warm Up America Yup! Even in Antarctica, women and men craft 7"x 9" squares into blankets for charity.

People will come, daylight will be here, and blankets will be completed. Light is already eliminating night. Highway One will soon be crowded again.

It's time to finish up the Warm Up America blanket. There's enough squares and interest and a plethora of closet knitters and crocheters (come out, come out wherever you are) so we decided to collect a few more squares for a second WUA blanket. We pin them to the bulletin board on Highway One. This winter rules! Half the staff and twice the needlework. We can do dishes too.

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