Sunday, September 02, 2007

Of Packing and People

I find myself anxious to get off this rock and at the same time not wanting to leave fellow Ice companions. I have learned to say goodbye and know that I will see these people again some year. However, it still stings and I hold my tears back as they board Ivan the Terrabus to leave for the runway where a C-17 waits (but not for long) to take them to the "real world" in Christchurch, NZ.

Once some of my fellow winterovers are gone, I turn my thoughts to the Ice knitter's big dilemma: how much stash to pack and how much to leave out for the month of September. How much knitting am I truthfully going to get done with all the new faces and fun on station? How much knitting am I going to get done while I travel? How much knitting should I send "home" for after our travels. I suffer from stashosis - fear of separating from one's yarn, even for a few days and even if not currently using it. I need it with me IN CASE.

I'll think about that later.

New faces and returning knitters from last season are in the second floor lounge of Dorm 208 for Tuesday night Stitch n' Bitch (aka Stitch and Sip). I love knitting on the Ice.

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