Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bresee memories

I heart the Bresees'. For as long as I can remember, the biggest and most fun family gatherings happened at their home. I remember swimming in the blow-up pool with Donna and Bob while the grown-ups visited on the patio. I remember backyard BBQ's with mind boggling amounts of food. I remember Christmas gatherings that sparkled. I remember the kitchen filled with generations of women. I remember the ready-for-anything pantry downstairs. I even remember setting up the projector and screen and watching home movies of family members playing actors in their own slapstick films. I remember piling in the big car and riding up to the mountains to go sledding and ice skating at Hidden Valley. I remember being a child there as well as being a grown-up watching the children. Thank you God for the Bresee family. They care about people and know how to show it. I am blessed.

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