Tuesday, December 04, 2007

WUA Squares

...from the most Southern place on Earth where Warm Up America Blankets are created.
Erika, Wonder Knitter

2007 blanket

2006 blanket

2005 blanket

During the winter I handed off a project to Erika, the wonder knitter. She finished putting together the WUA blanket for Winter 2006. I showed her how I did it for the first charity blanket in 2005. Knowing Erika, she came up with an even better way to make squares into blankets. This is the young woman who knitted gloves as one of her first projects. I think she came out of the womb with knitting needles in her hands. She says she just learned how to knit this winter season.

Motivated by Erika, I started crocheting the first 49 of this winter season's squares, putting them together in strips of 7 squares each. Then I crocheted the 7 strips together and finished off by crocheting a border around all four edges.

There's one more batch of squares for the second 2007 blanket. I left them in the care of Amy on the Ice.

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Anonymous said...

You're too sweet, but I'm a good knitter because you taught me!! I am grasshopper, you are the master ;) -E