Monday, January 18, 2010

Chloe Comes Out

The foster kitty Chloe, finally broke through her fear and has become part of the family. Already! Who knew she'd come around so fast? She came out from under the bed, approached me, meowed, and then rubbed up against me. After I scratched behind her ears and under her chin for a really, really long time, she settled in at the foot of the bed, not under it, and slept. In the morning when I awoke, she was right there. She followed me around for a good part of the morning and then took a nap. I think it's excellent progress for only 2 weeks. It's nice to see her roaming the house freely. Now the goal is to get Leslie's kitty, Prommy and Chloe to be nice to each other. They are definitely not friends, in fact, they abhor each other....hissing and running away whenever they meet in a room or on the stairs. Chloe is a sweet kitty and loves being friendly so it's only a matter of time before she makes friends with Prommy. I am glad Chloe is here and happy to report that now she is too...that didn't take long!

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