Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spiral Rib Mittens for Kristi

I am currently knitting a second pair of these mittens for Tracy's birthday. After that, I'll make a third for myself. Besides being a pattern that's fun (no second mitten syndrome) these are the warmest EVER and not bulky at all. I'm using baby alpaca worsted on size 4 (US) dpns. I love that these mittens fit perfectly, are so warm and especially that they take up hardly any room in my pockets.

The pattern for the Spiral Rib Mittens (from Mildred Oakey) is on page 84 in the book, HOMESPUN HAND KNIT, Interweave Press, 1987, edited by Linda Ligon, founder of Interweave Press. Click on the title of this post to see the book.

I am on my second copy. The first copy fell apart from being used by so many of us on the Ice...good stuff if you can find a copy. I rarely follow a pattern completely without making changes, (if I follow a pattern at all). This is a great pattern, no right or left mitten and small enough that they can be layered inside another mitten for extra warmth or protection in bitter cold.

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