Monday, January 25, 2010

Handmade books by Carrie Schaffner

Carrie, my uber creative friend, taught Tom and I (and many others) how to do bookbinding in a class she gave on the Ice one Winter season. It was very interesting and entertaining. I can't wait to make more books as soon as I find my supplies (somewhere in a box in the garage). ARGH!

Recently, I received a very special "Carrie book" in the mail, a couple of them actually, an adorable little penguin book and a red knitted book. I love my hand knitted, handmade, hand embroidered Carrie book the most. It's the best present in the world. It's extraordinary. Thank-you Carrie for the wonderful handmade books.

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the delightful said...

look there i am! in your blog! i'm so glad you love your books, and i hope that you will put them to good use! that red one was my first knitted cover EVER!