Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The First Sock

Kristi finished her first sock and is thrilled. I love this woman. This sock is one of about a million things she did this day...just try to keep up with her. More stuff is accomplished in one normal day of Kristi's than most people do in a month! She made the leg short, anxious to get to the heel turning part of the work asap. Kristi is a free spirit that isn't interested in instructions. "JUST DO IT!" was invented by her. Here's what she wrote in her email:

"(instead of taking the time to learn the (kitcheners) stitch, I just strung the yarn through the last few stitches and pulled. :0 Do you always use the (kitcheners) stitch?

I don't feel like doing the second one now, since this doesn't fit so great,
and I had a few mistakes....but I guess I will just for practice cuz I NEED

HA! I know EXACTLY how you feel Kristi! Great job on that first sock.

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