Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ECW Doll

I knit for so many reasons. Useful stuff. Okay, so the ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) doll isn't useful but it was fun. My attempt at ECW-Gear-Doll turned out to look more like a voodoo doll. Nevertheless, there it is along with some of the other stuff I made while on the Ice last season. Notice the Shackleton sweater appears again. It only took me 2 years. However, thanks to Erika N, I made most of it in one month during June of 2005 after watching Erika knit a whole sweater in a little over a week. I was impressed and motivated by her amazing energy while working one of the coldest, hardest jobs of the winter. She spent most days outside while on the construction crew of the LDB (Long Duration Balloon) building.

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